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cause of the anxiety of the chiefs of those Three Houses and of
such important conversations ?". The councillors replied:
<: There had been no talk of waging war upon the ilussalmaiis
before Yonr Majesty's accession; so, they were free from anxiety
011 the score of the masters of this kingdom. Your Majesty
has now become the lord of the throne and given expression to
words indicating liberality and prowess. "Won't they cause
anxiety in the mind of the enemy? Your Majesty is accustomed
to speak daily with the representatives of those Three Chiefs
with modesty. As they are shrewd men, they (compare) Your

Majesty with their own masters.........   In these circumstances,

<^it is customary) to give them the salary and allowances as fixed
by former kinú5; and when they bring documents and letters or
have a talk over some matter, they are given like the envoys from
different places betel leaves and nuts, in accordance with the
usual custom and sent away; but since Your Majesty's
accession to the throne, Your Majesty has commanded that
cash payments should be made from the treasury not only to
those (envoys ?) that stay but to their retinue also (?). Your
Majesty maintains the kaijltam force, allows the amara-nayakas
to hold their estates (as usual) and distributes rewards and gifts
of money evenly to people whether they are in the service of
(our) government or of foreign states. Your Majesty is
accustomed to refer to the Three Chiefs in a friendly manner.
As the representatives of those Three Chiefs have been staying
in Karnataka for a long time, they must have studied
treatises on the art of government. Therefore, they have
become thoughtful and sent despatches (to their respective
masters, communicating to them their own ideas,)" *

The RSya said : " We never spoke to them disrespectfully
in anger. We honoured them with rewards and held pleasant
conversation with them as the representatives of theii

language of the original is very   involved.   A literal  rendering  of the tex
has not been attempted.